Package Deals

Dagger 10 Pack

Ten Sharkee training Daggers at a savings of $30.00

Dagger 5 Pack

Five Dagger training knives at a reduced price.  Great for a small class or unit training.

One for you and one for your training partner
Dagger Partner Pair

Save $4.00 as compared to buying individually.  Add VirtualBlade and or Cordwrap handles and save on them as well. 

11" x 2" x 1/2"

Tactical Open Folder 10 Pack

Tactical Open folder 10 Pack at a reduced price.

Tactical Open Folder 5 Pack

Five Tactical Open Folders for a reduced price. 

Tactical Open Folder Partner Pair

Buy a Sharkee Tactical Open Folder for yourself and one for your training partner.

SAVE $4.00 compared to ordering separately.

8" x 1" x 1/2"

Tanto 10 Pk

Squad or school size package of Tanto sytle training blades.

Tanto 5 Pk

Tanto 5 Pack for a small class setting.

Tanto Partner Pair

One for you and one for your training partner.  Very popular single edge training knife modeled on the classic Japanese Tanto.